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Do you make your own Sandwich?
Do you love to eat a sandwich? Do you make your own or do you prefer to buy at your favorite restaurant? 
I love sandwich and I make my own so I can put all the ingredients that I want. What I have for my sandwich is mayonnaise, lettuce, mango, crabsticks, and tomato. How about you guys? Can you share your ideas?
No I'm yet to prepare one myself I always like the ones from free fries so I stop by anytime I need to get one. It always the best ones around my neighbourhood so I go for them.
Yes, I do, the best sandwich that I love was the egg sandwich with some bacon and patty to it.
I don't make my own because there's a big chance I'll mess it up, so my mom or my partner usually makes it for me. I don't buy at stores because they usually put mayonnaise, I hate mayonnaise more than onions.
Sometimes, I make my own sandwiches and pork patty. I usually add cheese, cucumber, tomato and a mayonnaise. I love every bite of it. It taste good for me. I also make some egg sandwiches. I also love to eat hotdog or sauces with lettuce, ketchup and mayonnaise. Submarine sandwiches is also my favorite thing to order. It consist of egg, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese and ham. This makes me hunger.
Always make my own! Because I have a certain preference for toppings and fillings, and no stores make the combinations which I like. Also, it's much cheaper to make your own than buying them from large chains such as Subway. And much healthier since you know exactly what goes inside it.
Every morning I make my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast. It is my go to sandwich especially when I am getting ready for school or for work. I don't eat that much during the morning so I just eat a good and tasty sandwich always.
My best friend has a coffee shop and next to them is the best bakery in town. They have the best sandwiches in the world, I always eat there in the morning.

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