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Let's talk about Overlord.
One of the best anime series I've watched in recent times is Overlord. It's in the fantasy/magic/adventure genre. The start of season 1 could be a little slow, but if you hang in there, you will be discovering a whole new universe. There's strategy, magic, combat, action and a whole load of suspense. I strongly recommend it for those who haven't seen it. For those who have, you could share your thoughts and let's have fun. (no spoilers please).
The anime is really good the fan service is good too but I want to see in this anime is they struggling on their enemy. Or i can compare to want I see from lelouch the rebellion.
Overlord is what an Anime should be. If you watch this anime you can easily detect what differentiates Japanese Anime from Western Cartoons. Cartoons has 2 main characters, the Hero and the Villain and that's the classic fight between Good and Evil, no in-between, no neutrality. Japanese Anime offers the Grey area in which a Protagonist can also do bad things. Some protagonist like Overlords Ains Ooal Gown can't even be called a hero because he doesn't care whether his minions kill innocent people, he only cares about his plans.

Overall, this anime series is exciting to watch, the season just ended, so it's time to wait again for the next season in mid 2019.
Kakashi2020 this is a well done analysis of Overlord. I particularly like Ains Oal Goal because he is not a rigid hero. He is the true antihero whom you can't help but love him. I'm looking forward to new episodes. It's a ruly great anime.
I am not familiar with the Overlord anime series. It's been a while that I'm not into television since I do have important priority to attend to. I tried to search it in the net what it is all about. It seems interesting and entertaining to watch. I will try to see it myself when I have enough time for leisure. Thank you for sharing this information. I am happy to know it.

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