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Favorite video games?
What kind of video games do people like here? Is it FPSs or RPGs? or do you prefer Visual novels or mobile games? I wonder what kind of games people from a K-Drama forum like... My favorite game is Dead by Daylight, an asymmetrical horror game in which a player takes the role of a Killer and tries to catch 4 other players which take the roles of survivors. It's fun and creepy, you can play solo or with friends, and it involves a lot of moving around and reading the Killer's movements. I recommend it!
I like Candy Crush. It is a good game. I love jumping over obstacles and collecting coins. Going to the next level is exciting too.
I love Cabdy Crush too, aside from i love colorful and candy crush have it, the task in every level is quite interesting specially the levels with timer the pressure was there too. The sad part of this game if you don't have enoug life poins to continue to yhe other level that wilk lead you to stop playing and wait after 30 min. to have 1 life.
I am not sure why am I here, when I really don't play video games. I only played FIFA and GTA ONCE! It is quite fun but I don't want to get addicted to them so I never played them even if I had an opportunity. How about you? are a video game addict?
I always loved Mario. I've grown up watching that game and I still enjoy playing it whenever I find time. Also, good old games such as Excite Bike, Road Fighter were exciting and made my childhood super awesome. I am forever thankful to the makers of these games and they have helped me evolve as a better person. Nowadays, I only play chess. I find chess to be a very strong and influential game.

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