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BlackPink Concert in Philippines.
Hello everyone! What are your opinions about the price of BlackPink concert here in the Philippines? Is it really too high and very unworthy?
I honestly think that it cost too much for a group that only been 2 years and for a group that only has 9 songs.
I do hope they cover English songs. If they will have Dua Lipa as their guest then the high price for the concert is worth it.
Well i'm expecting it to cost too much because they are a well known k-pop group's worldwide and also here in the Philippines. That's why i think their concert here will cost too much actually i'm a solid blink's and i love them so much. But if the ticket's in their concert will cost too much i think it's better to stay at home hahaha.
I’ve seen the prices and honestly though I think YG artist concert have the best concept, it wasn’t worth it. They haven’t got a full album to start with. Their songs are all good but their discography is somewhat a bit lacking still. I wish they release a full lenght album first.
Personally, I find the price too high. BTS and EXO's concerts have way lower prices - their most expensive VIP tickets go only up to 15,000, and this already comes with a lot of perks. For a relatively new group to have the same price range is pushing it, but for them to even go beyond is just too much. Sad
I think it has a very high price for a ticket but if they will give us an excellent performance, I guess it'll be worth it. For now, I'll try to save money and let's see if I can buy a ticket for their concert.
I think the reason for the high price is because of the promoters. YG concerts overseas don't even cost this much. Even YG's biggest group, BIGBANG, didn't have a concert with those prices for their tickets. The promoters are like scalpers, since they know that BLACKPINK has a huge fan base and celebrity fans here on our country.

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