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Who's your favorite comedian?
My favorite was Chevy Chase then after he stopped making movies, I moved on to Steve Martin and now my fave comedien is Will Ferrell who is like a mix between Chevy and Steve.  Some of my fave Will Ferrell movies are Anchorman, Semi-pro, Talladega Nights and I'm waiting for his latest film which is Holmes and Watson which is a comedic take on Sherlock Holmes.
My favorite comedian is Chris Rock. His comedy is often well structured is odten educative too. He doesn't justmake you laugh, he entertains and teaches you. I like how bold he is with his subjects too. Cool guy, that chris Rock.
I love watching movies with Chevy Chase in them, he is so funny.  I also thought that Robin Williams was one of the best comedians around.  What awesome movies that he played in as well.  Right now, I cannot think of anymore comedians, but there are thousands of comedians all over the world here to make us all laugh.
There's this comedian in our country named "Vice Ganda" and for me he is the best.
(11-24-2018, 07:53 PM)allyn2017 Wrote: There's this comedian in our country named "Vice Ganda" and for me he is the best.

I definitely agree with you on that. Vice Ganda is smart and has a sense of humor when it comes to comedy.
Here's you guys are forgetting some of the funniest men in the industry who are the black men. Where do we even start, Kevin Hart, lil duval, Martin Lawrence I mean the list is just long.

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