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Have you put your Holiday Decorations up yet?
It is just after Thanksgiving and here we go into the Christmas Season of the year once more.  I like to decorate for the holidays around the middle of December.  One reason being, I have a cat, and last year she went running as fast as she could down the hallway, leaped right into the Christmas tree and knocked it over...needless to say, we had to put duct tape around the tree stand last year.  

So, have you decorated for the holidays yet?  If so, tell all about your beautiful decorations and where else you decorate your house.
I think it still very early for me to put up any decorations now. My kids wouldn't allow it's last so I will keeping it still at least 2 weeks into the D day. I know it helps beautify the home but I will have to wait a bit.
I still don't have my Christmas decoration from this moment since I am still waiting for my salary so that I can buy those things that I really need for Christmas. Maybe in the first week of the month of December I might have those decorations already so that I can feel the essence of Christmas and to look our house more beautiful and interesting.
We did just after Thanksgiving. It’s usually the same time of year that we do that. There’s something about Thanksgiving being over that seems to signify that it’s okay to put up holiday decor!
We have not decorated our own house yet. But our streets are already lined with Christmas lights. They are very beautiful and very nice to look at while taking a night stroll.
We don't have Christmas decoration for the moment. But, I already started making some miniature houses for my christmas village. I am trying to finish it before December 1. I am excited how it will look like after assembling all unit. It's a little messy. I couldn't get the right mix for dirty look color. It's looks very dirty. I am still happy.
Our holiday decorations are already up since October. Our family is quite excited when it comes to decorating for the winter season. We do not really celebrate Thanksgiving nor do we decorate during that holiday. So after Halloween we change directly into Christmas.
I purchased a big Christmas tree and am equipping it with gifts. I have also bought most of the kitchen requirements. This will be a great Christmas

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