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Getting married or being single
Which is the best for you.Would you like to get married or stay single and why?
I know that most of us want to have a family in the future since time is changing, and we need someone to take care of us when we gets older. I know that most of us would be into a marriage relationship in the near future when we are already financially and physically ready to settle and have our own family.
Well I’m married so of course that’s the obvious choice for me! It’s nice to have someone to share the ups and downs of life with. I think it can be pretty lonely otherwise.
Well I would prefer to be getting married and have a family. It is better to have someone on your side that always understand and supports you. Also when we grow old there is our children that would take of us.
Getting married is one of my all time goals to do in this world. I don't it to be anything spectacular or fancy. Having a simple wedding with the person I love and seeing her with her family and my family and our friends together will be something very happy and touching for me. I would really enjoy having the married life because it really shows how two people can fall in love for each other.
Am married and I will choose getting married even twenty times. I do not know what I will feel to be single. Single people may not like being single

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